About Us

Founded by Brad Newsome in 2023, Beverage Licensing Solutions brings together industry professionals with a wealth of operational, marketing, administrative and financial experience. These broad perspectives allows us to design innovative strategies for each of our Brands.

Beverage Licensing Solutions’ primary focus is on its client’s success and satisfaction. This is primarily accomplished by:

  • Cultivating a collaborative relationship with our clients.
  • Understanding the Brand’s Ethos and Vision.
  • Managing meaningful connections between clients and retail partners.
  • Establishing licensing opportunities that will support the Brand’s growth.
  • Soliciting only those manufacturers that meet the brand, product, and distribution criteria.

A core component to any licensing program is using branded merchandise to help extend the institution’s message across its entire community. With each client, Beverage Licensing Solutions focuses on developing and executing a specific action plan to achieve top results for its clients.